I met Mimmi through the Power Ladies after-work and again at a HER drinks. I instantly warmed up to her, to her story, and to her passion for her brand and its mission. Kind and determined, poised and passionate - her personal journey and the story of By Van Der Crussen are deeply intertwined. In adolescence, she was treated as ‘waste’ and started believing that of herself — that she was ‘waste’. Instead of being supported, her ways of expressing herself were discouraged and beaten down.

Through a remarkable personal journey she is now flourishing and her brand is about changing perspectives:

How something treated as waste (her stunning pieces are made from surplus material from furniture factories) can become valuable. Her message is incredible. It’s about helping, inspiring and encouraging one another to be themselves.

And if you are anything like me - this interview will deeply move you and encourage you to seek meaning and love for yourself. This one is a longer one, but oh boy it is worth every word. So flag it, send it, share it - you will love it!

Now time for 9to9 Selfcare with Mimmi.


What is Self Care to you ?

The way I see it, self love is something that we all have deep inside ourselves. And if we can connect to this love, then self care becomes a natural thing to prioritize.

To be able to love myself I must get to know myself. But that isn’t so easy when you get bombarded with input and stimuli through social media, advertising and what not.

I am constantly reminded of what other people love, like or dislike about myself (and about people in general).

But what do I love, like or dislike about myself? The challenge lies in cutting through all the layers of fear, and ingrained patterns of thought and prejudices. Most of my self care practices revolve around nourishing my body and mind.

Spending time in nature, cooking and eating healthy food, exercising, meditating and creating things (sketching, sewing, writing) are favorites.

But if I had a bathtub it would top the list! :)

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It all started with a follow from fashion designer, Mimmi Van Der Crussen. After checking out her page on Instagram I noticed that her brand had much more than just a vision behind its story.

Since I was in the area, I decided to send her a quick message regarding meeting her in person to get to know more about her and her journey.

Little did I know, I would get such a rapid response from her and get the chance to take part in a behind the scenes photoshoot campaign for her new coat collection.

Read an excerpt from the story of Mimmi and By Van Der Crussen:


Anxiety and Courage

All of the coats are handmade by Mimmi herself. Each detail, each button and each seam of her first collection has been created out of full distress, challenges and fears from her past experiences that she later converted into a self-caring, life-changing and impactful brand.

Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence are three of the most common factors society faces today. These three factors can hinder us from moving forward and excelling into our best potential. Mimmi saw an opportunity to use her passion as a way to help her out of her depression and anxiety.

Her positive outlook in life and courageous attitude reflects on her fashion coat line. Mimmi wants her brand to be known as the result of bringing something that is considered “waste” to life.

Her goal is not to create a brand that others see as an A class fancy garment, but a brand that has meaning, a story, and life behind it all.


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Power Ladies Podcast (Norwegian)

Fra drøm til virkelighet på ett år 17.06.2019

Denne ukens #TGIM - bite size drop of motivation er med Mimmi Van Der Crussen.

For ett år siden hørte Mimmi min første episode med Tiril Refusm, gründeren av Oslo Raw, noe som resulterte i drøm katalysert ut i handling. Og nå, ett år senere så har hun lansert sitt eget klesmerke, noe hun har drømt om siden hun var 8, men aldri turt å gutse.

Hør noen ord fra Mimmi, hva hun gjør og hvordan det har vært.

— Yrja Oftedahl, Power Ladies Podcast.

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25.06.2019 Harvest Magazine

25.06.2019 Harvest Magazine