Shipping & Returns


If you are uncertain about your purchase or have decided to cancel your purchase, just let me know. Although I really hope you will keep and love your By Van Der Crussen product, the most important thing for me is to build up this brand from a sustainable and honest foundation. I fully understand if you change your mind and I would appreciate any feedback regarding why.

– Mimmi Van Der Crussen, Founder ©By Van Der Crussen


By Van Der Crussen offers free shipping in Norway. Shipping costs for deliveries outside of Norway (worldwide), the purchaser must pay for. Additional fees for tax, VAT, duties, government fees, and/or expedited shipping may apply. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or receiver of the order to pay any taxes, duties or tariffs to the appropriate governmental or other authority.

Tell us before the cooling-off period is up

It’s a good idea to send an email to and tell us that you want to cancel the purchase. You can also attach the cancellation form given to you by By Van Der Crussen. You have 2 weeks to cancel the purchase, starting on the day you received the product and all necessary information or on the day after you agreed to purchase a service.

Return the goods on time

Post or deliver the goods to By Van Der Crussen within 14 days of telling us that you want to cancel the purchase.


It’s your responsibility to ensure that the goods are safely returned. Pack the item securely, and hang on to the proof of posting.

Who pays for the return?

By Van Der Crussen won’t charge you a fee for cancelling the purchase. You’re entitled to get all of your money back, but you must pay for the return yourself. If you received the item by home delivery or if the purchase was made manually in Oslo in the first place, the contract of sale was made at the place of delivery. You can contact By Van Der Crussen to arrange a meeting for return.