Boldly Simple — In Both Concept And Design

In large-scale production of upholstered furnitures, fabric consumption can be difficult to estimate precisely. When manufacturers finish cutting and sewing, they almost invariably end up with surplus fabrics.

I am Mimmi Van Der Crussen, a Swedish designer who sees great potential in these high-quality fabrics. The concept of my brand is simply a change of perspective: Instead of letting these materials be treated as waste, I give them a chance to show what a valuable resource they are. Developed to withstand heavy wear, stains and sun bleaching - these fabrics perfectly meet the needs of quality outerwear.

The coats of By Van Der Crussen are cut simply and designed with minimalist details. Since materials are limited, so are the coats. You will find them in modest limited editions, or as a unique piece.

I hope you will enjoy my launch collection consisting of 21 coats, all sewn by me in Oslo, Norway.

Med vänliga hälsningar,



There is no such thing as waste — only wasted resources